Juan del Pozo, a Spaniard, was born in 1969. He is the son and student of José Rodríguez a Spanish artist of paintings inspired by the Spanish landscape. Juan showed his artistic talent from a very young age, and was nurtured by his father before going on to study in Madrid, he continues in the family tradition as an artist in his own right.

Not content with working in oils alone, Juan also explores the use of engraving, gouache and watercolour. He exibits work in all media. He has accepted commisions to paint murals in different locations throughout Spain and was the Art director of “Idealiza” a company specialising in architecture.

Juan del Pozo has worked as a professional painter since 1989 and has exibited widely throughout Spain and Portugal, His work has also won prestigious awards in various categories.

Juan is a versatile artist, he has a passion for most themes but concentrates on cityscapes, portraits and still life.

His penchant at the moment is for the architecture of Madrid and other importants cities like Istambul. Juan del pozo´s work can be found in private collections in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, USA, Turkey, Great Britain and Brazil.

Some of the gallerys where his paintings have been exhibited are:

2017: Art Dubai, Art Miami USA, Tokyo International art Fair Japan

2017-2016: Signet Contemporary Art Gallery , London, UK, Art5 Gallery Brighton, UK, Art Dubai

2015: Jorge Alcolea Gallery, Madrid Spain, Art5 Gallery Brighton, UK

2013: Art Catto Gallery, Portugal

2011: Caja de Burgos, Spain

2009, 2006: Feria Internacional de Marbella, Spain
2008: Galería Paz Feliz, Madrid, Spain
2002-2005: Galería Jorge Alcolea, Madrid, Spain
2001-2002: Feria de arte de Oporto, Portugal
2001: Feria de arte de Valencia, Spain

2001: American Prints Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Description of my work

In my work I look for elements of colour and light that provide a feeling of stillness, capturing a brief moment so that it can become eternal when it is watched.
The background for each painting is made with a layer of fibreglass pulp and acrylic Gesso, combed and painted from multiple directions. The technical construction of the paintings through the application of these textures in the canvas allows an energetic brushwork reminiscent of the classical impressionist painters.
Touches of golden hues are mixed with oranges and light yellows in the main shapes so that they stand out against the background of cool blues, pale violet and soft green-blues.

Art is a way of communication and it is the artist’s responsibility to enhance the development of the spirit of people who watch its paintings through a work which allows positive emotions to arise after viewing the paintings. This is my humble aim.